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Gardening Services & Garden Maintenance:

Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington and Hampton Areas:

Covering: Twickenham, St Margarets, East Twickenham, Strawberry Hill, Whitton, Isleworth, Brentford, Kew, Syon Park, Richmond, Petersham, Richmond Hill, Mortlake, Sheen, Fulwell, Teddington, Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick & Hampton.

Richmond & Twickenham Postcode Districts of: TW1, TW2, TW4, TW7, TW8, TW9, TW10, TW11, TW12, SW13 & SW14.

To arrange an Appointment:

Phone or Text David on 07751 738843 -

Gardening Charges:

On my initial visit I provide a free consultation and the first hour is charged at £65. Subsequent hours and future visits are charged at £35 an hour.

5 Star Rating on Google and Yell

Stine Keyes: Fantastic job clearing up my overgrown garden, and making it look tidy again! Very reasonable, arrived on time, overall great service. Thank you!

Happy customer in Teddington: David did a great job for me clearing up my very overgrown garden and then digging up and reseeding my lawn from scratch, which has worked really well and was much more economical than returfing. I am really happy with his work and he is clearly very knowledgeable.

Frank Taglioni: David did a great job on my garden overall, trimming and maintenance of various plants, weeding and mowing, professional suggestions about what to plant to optimize blooming / coordination with seasons, while keeping cost and effort very reasonable. High botanical knowledge.

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Your Local Gardener:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Thank you for visiting my web site: I have been trading locally within the Twickenham, St Margarets, East Twickenham, Strawberry Hill, Whitton, Isleworth, Brentford, Kew, Syon Park, Richmond, Petersham, Richmond Hill, Mortlake, Sheen, Fulwell, Teddington, Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick & Hampton. areas for over 30 years and I offer a wide range of gardening and garden maintenance services.

Gardening Charges:

On my initial visit the first hour is charged at £65, which includes a Free Consultation and I charge £35 an hour thereafter. Future visits are charged at £35 an hour.

Times taken for Gardening Works:

Most general gardening and garden maintenance jobs only take 2 to 4 hours to complete. Overgrown gardens generally take 1 or 2 visits of 4 to 6 hours. Please feel free to e-mail some images from your e-mail client and I can give you a rough idea how long the job would take.

Work Ethics:

With all projects I pride myself on doing the best possible job, with Organic Methods and the Recycling of Garden Waste; being of paramount importance. For your Peace of Mind works are not sub contracted and your property is left: Clean and tidy.

Arrange an Appointment for your Local Gardener:

Phone or Text David on 07751 738843 -

General Garden Maintenance Services:

Although gardening is very rewarding, watching your flowers bloom, the smell of the grass as you cut it and eating your freshly harvested herbs and vegetables. It can take a lot of time and effort.

If your garden has become overgrown or you don't have the time and or preventative health issues, let your local gardener take take the effort away by providing either regular visits to prune, weed and maintain your garden, or provide a one off haircut to get your garden into a manageable condition.

I do have very green fingers and love making a messy garden look pristine. If you have had issues with gardeners in the past. Don't Worry, I am not the sort of gardener who hacks away your shrubs with a chain saw and just chops the tops of your weeds.

Problems with Gardeners working on a fixed Price:

Gardeners who offer a fixed price for gardening maintenance, have it within their interests to complete the job as soon as possible, consequentially many perennial weeds are left with their long tap roots intact and many gardeners actually make their profit from green waste removal. When you employ me as your local gardener, I am paid by the hour, and although I work very quickly, I will try to remove all of the tap root of perennial weeds and take great care not to disperse the seeds of annual weeds into your garden, especially on driveways. I also try to recycle as much of the green waste as possible, thereby reducing your removal costs with a carbon footprint of zero.

Your Local Gardener - Gardening Services Offered:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

I have compiled a brief description of the gardening services I undertake as a gardener in your Local Richmond & Twickenham areas. Please click the links below or at the top of the page under Menu for a more detailed description of the services offered.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Services:

Overgrown Lawns:

With our ever changing climate, procuring high levels of rainfall and hot weather, lawns are growing very quickly. In no time at all you will notice your grass has become overgrown with a greater amount of dandelions and moss. The dandelions do look pretty but their tap roots go very deep taking nourishment from the grass will becomes very yellow at the roots.

When your lawn is very overgrown with weeds and moss cutting it back will unfortunately reveal dark patches where there is no grass, yellow areas within the remaining grass. and under the moss no grass. So please don't expect that when an overgrown lawn is cut it will be pristine underneath characteristic of the lawn of an English country garden. The cutting of the lawn is only the start of a process that can take many visits over the growing season (spring to late autumn) to complete.

Repair of Overgrown Lawns:

The grass will initially have to be cut with a strimmer. It will then have to be raked with stones and debris; which can badly damage a mower, removed before cutting on the mower's lowest setting.
• Weeds, moss and thatch are removed. Bald patches are reseeded on a bottom dressing of top soil, with a top dressing of compost.
• Water daily for a month, give it a cut after 6 weeks. Then cut on a regular basis with weed and moss removal during the remaining growing season, to keep healthy and encourage the grass to spread out and thicken.

Repair of Unlevel Lawns:

I have been called to many gardens to repair lawns that have been returfed by a previous gardener who has not taken the time to level the soil before turfing and after a rainfall the turf starts slumping where the gardener has not leveled the soil correctly, before laying the turf.

Essentially depending on the size to be leveled a great deal of top soil will be required. It is also very time consuming transporting the top soil to the garden. If you require your lawn releveled, assistance transporting the soil would dramatically reduce the costs.

Overgrown Gardens - Garden Clearance Services:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Overgrown Gardens:

Warning: If you Google garden clearance Twickenham you will get listings of local rubbish removal businesses in the Twickenham area; who are not gardeners. However I am a local gardener, who adores taming and cutting back overgrown gardens into a managable condition, while taking pride with my workmanship and delicate pruning.

My charges for overgrown gardens work out very reasonable compared to other local gardeners quotations, because I am not adding £200 to £300 on the cost of the removal of green waste.

Recycling of Garden Waste: Please help the environment.

Recycle in your Garden:

Not to preach or sound patronizing, but every time I watch the News, somewhere on the planet is burning or flooding with many experiencing hurricanes of devastating force, so the more we car do to reduce our carbon footprint, the better.

Recycling in your garden initially reduces the fuel transport cost to transport the waste to the rubbish dump. If you wish to compost some of the waste you will have free compost for your garden, and reduce the fuel cost of picking it up or having it delivered. A lot can also be scattered unnoticed underneath bushes and shrubs.

Local Council Collections:

The council provide green bins and bags for you to put your green waste if you would like them to recycle it for you. They do charge for the green bin and £1.60 for the bags.

Organic Weed Removal & Prevention:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Those Dreadful Weeds in your Garden:

As a gardener I am constantly asked the following questions about weeds -

Where do weeds come from? - What came first the chicken or the egg. Weeds come from seeds and seeds come from the flowers of the weeds.

Why do they keep coming back? - Annual weeds don't come back, it is the babies from their seeds that come back. Perennial weeds though especially those with big tap roots like dandelions come back if you have not taken all the root out, they also produce seeds.

Will weed killer kill other organic life forms? - Yes it will kill everything it comes in contact with it. Birds, Butterfly's, Bees and the trillions of friendly bacteria that live in the soil.

How do I get rid of weeds? - Annual weeds can be prevented from seeding and germinating babies by removing them before they seed. With perennial weeds you have to remove all of the root. Note any remaining root left in the soil will become a root cutting and re grow.

Pruning and Cutting Back Services:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Your Local Gardener - Pruning Services:

I am always taken back, by the standard of workmanship I have seen from many gardeners, concerning pruning. How can they call themselves a gardener I think to myself. He has merely slashed away with a chain saw and there are a lot of decaying stems where the gardener has cut incorrectly.

Appling, I can see why many customers are hesitant about calling a gardener to prune their Camelia or prized Roses.

There are 2 types of pruning: Maintenance and Structural. Maintenance pruning, known as cutting back or trimming, involves cutting back growth to match the natural contours of the plant, where structural pruning involves re shaping the plant, by removing some of the larger stems.

However, the section of the plant, especially with shrubs, that is commonly overlooked is the base, which although does decay and shed its lower stems, there are generally too many, so my first port of call when pruning is to get on my hands and knees, gently push back the branches and start sniping the stems from the bottom of the plant, procuring much more space in your flower beds, while continuing upwards with my pruning, before giving a prune of the higher stems.

Digging Over your Soil:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digging Over:

There are growing concerns from gardeners that digging the soil over in your garden can be disadvantageous to its fertility and cause the spread of weeds in your garden.

The spread of Weeds in your Garden:

When digging over you can bring dormant seeds to the surface where they can germinate and the roots of perennial weeds can get broken up into root cuttings which will re grow.

Destroying Worm Burrows:

We all know how important worms are to the ground by aerating to soil. They also come out at night when there are no predators to eat them and drag decaying organic matter into the soil, to eat, so they also help with maintaining the balance of organic matter in the soil, which sustains it. I once read that the Irish government lost 35 million pounds in lost crops because of a worm from New Zealand which strangled the native worms. So essentially extensive digging over of the soil destroys their home and while on the soils surface they can quickly get golloped up by a hungry Robin.

Destroying Friendly Bacteria:

The microscopic bacteria that live in the soil, which are vital to life in the soil, are sensitive to sunlight and can be destroyed when soil is dug over and they are brought to the surface, this can have a detrimental effect on the fertility of the soil.

Bulb Planting Services:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Planting bulbs in your Garden for Spring:

They do call it the joys of spring; but what a delight it is when, Spring is in the air. The grass starts to grow: a good sign to start planting seeds and vegetables in your garden; there is a beautiful smell in the air and there are "Daffodils" popping up everywhere, bringing a smile to your face.

When to plant bulbs in your garden for spring time.

From late September to the end of Decenber. If you are unsure what and where to plant the bulbs I can bring a selection of bulbs, as little as £50 can make a garden come to life in the spring time. You can also buy bulbs from many places: On line, at the usual garden centers even at the supermarket.

Preparing the garden to plant bulbs:

It is very important to remove weeds from the planting area and incorporating some organic waste matter and stones, crocks, grit, sand etc for drainage in the hole before planting your bulbs, which should generally be planted 3 times the width of the bulb, then provide a stone free medium around and on top of the bulb so it can grow, without restriction.

Don't be afraid to press the compost down firmly. It is advisable to provide sticks for support when planting bulbs which grow over 2 feet tall or they will slump forwards.

There are many varieties of compost on the market place especially created for bulbs, which should be used if you are planting in pots, it would be advised to add some stones, crocks, grit etc at the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Growing Organic Vegetables and Herbs in Your Garden:

Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington & Hampton Areas:

Nothing tastes So Good:

There is always space in a garden to grow vegetables and herbs, the taste of a freshly picked spring onion, or a few leaves of coriander in your stews and curries or the beautiful smell of rosemary: Nothing tastes as good as freshly harvested herbs and vegetables from your garden or allotment.

Freshly Harvested from your Garden.

Lets take the taste of vegetables from the supermarket compared to fresh from your garden - No compromise - I don't care what the adverts say, they lie, a well known add used to say "As fresh as when picked, from ground to frozen in 2 hours". Well it can't be as fresh as from my garden, I picked it, cooked it and ate it in 20 minutes.

On a scale of Good to Bad as far as taste applies we have. Freshly harvested from your Garden - From the Supermarket - Frozen (ughh). I adore coriander and find that I need at least 10 times more of, when bought from the supermarket than fresh from the plant. That is why cooking programs on the television will have programs where fresh produce from the area is used to cook special dishes. Can't really see the Hairy Bikers using frozen ingredients when cooking paella in Valencia.

When to plant Vegetables and Herbs:

If you are growing outside especially from seed then spring time when the grass starts growing is an ideal time to plant for a crop in 2 to 3 months time, vegetables planted early spring or started indoors are known as earlies, those planted for a harvest in the summer are called your main crop and those planted late summer autumn are known as your back end crop. So ideally you can have 3 crops in a year if grown outside, and of course all year round if grown indoors, or in a greenhouse with heating and lights. Note some vegetables are biennial and will take longer grow.

Here is a very good guide from the to help you plan your growing season. Note it is in PDF format and dependent on your browser, it will open in a new window or download to the bottom of the webpage.

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