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Garden Maintenance and Soft Landscaping:

Organic Methods Utilized & Recycling of Garden Waste.

Covering: Twickenham, St Margarets, Strawberry Hill, Whitton, Isleworth, Brentford, Kew, Syon Park, Richmond, Petersham, Richmond Hill, Mortlake, Sheen, Barnes, Putney, Fulwell, Teddington, Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick & Hampton.

Postcodes: TW1, TW2, TW4, TW7, TW8, TW9, TW10, TW11, TW12, SW13 & SW14.

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Phone or Text David on 07751 738 843.

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I have been trading locally within the TW Twickenham postal code areas of Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington and Hampton for over 30 years and I offer a wide range of gardening, garden maintenance and soft landscaping services.

With all projects I pride myself on doing the best possible job, with Organic Methods and the Recycling of Garden Waste; being of paramount importance. With all projects works are not sub contracted and your property is left: Clean and tidy.

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My Charges for General Gardening and Garden Maintenance:

Because most general gardening works, such as pruning weed clearance, etc only take a few hours. I charge £65; for the first hour and £35 an hour thereafter. Subsequent visits are also charged @ £35 an hour. Most general garden maintenance works; such as weeding, pruning, cutting back, lawn cutting, hedge trimming, planting bedding plants etc, can be completed within 2 to 4 hours..

Estimates for your Gardening Works:

If you could email some pictures and a brief description about your gardening requirements, I can provide a rough idea how long it will take and subsequent charges. However, bear in mind that my estimate will include removing weeds by the roots and not just removing the tops, which is a practice I have noticed most gardeners undertake. They utilize this practice, because the perennial weeds will simply come back in a few weeks, sooner if there is heavy rainfall, so they can come back every month and call it general maintenance. Quite a disgraceful practice.

Removal and recycling of Garden Waste:

If you do not have a green bin or areas in the garden to ideally compost, or use the green waste as a mulch on your beds, I bring the councils green waste bags which you simply put on the street when you put out your general household waste and recycling.
The council do levy a charge of £1.55 for each bag, so you simply pay me for the bags and my time to fill them. They collect every two weeks, note when you visit the page you have to type in your street address at the bottom of the page. The page is a little confusing and makes you think you are on the wrong page.
Note I do not remove green waste myself, and if you dont want to use the councils bags, I can provide a 1000 liter bag, for £10, which can either be left for a man with a van to collect, put in your car if you want to take it to the dump yourself or; and the greenest option, you can use the bag yourself as a compost bin, so you can make your own compost. The bags are the ones you often see outside properties full of sand when building works are being done.

General Gardening Services:

I have compiled a brief lists of the gardening services I undertake. If your gardening requirements are not listed, just e mail, text or give me a call, to discuss further.

 Call David on 07562 887808 for all your general gardening requirements

General Garden Maintenance:

There can be no doubt that to keep a garden neat and tidy can take a lot of time and effort, although it can be very rewarding, watching the flowers bloom, pruning the shrubs, trees and bushes into a pretty and manageable shape, seeing the grass cut short and free from moss and weeds.

But if you don't have the time or have health issues that prevent you from bending down, let me take take the effort away by providing either regular visits or a one off blitz, I do have very green fingers and love making a messy garden look pristine.

  • Brief List of my Garden Services:

  • General Garden Maintenance
  • Pruning and cutting back.
  • Weeding, without pesticides.
  • Garden Clearance.
  • Digging over.
  • Seeding and Planting.
  • Frost and pest control.
  • Recycling with a compost bin
  • Tree preparation and planting.
  • Birds in your garden.
  • End of tenancy garden maintenance
  • Encouraging Hedgehogs.
  • Lawn cutting.

 Flowers in a forest blooming in spring time

Planting bulbs in your Garden for Spring:

They do call it the joys of spring; but what a delight it is when, Spring is in the air. The grass starts to grow: a good sign to start planting seeds and vegetables in your garden; there is a beautiful smell in the air and there are "Daffodils" popping up everywhere, bringing a smile to your face.

When to plant bulbs in your garden for spring time.

Autumn, simple as that really. If you are unsure what and where to plant the bulbs I can bring a selection of bulbs, as little as 20 can make a garden come to life in the spring time. You can also buy bulbs from many places: On line, at the usual garden centres even at the supermarket.

 Flowers in a forest blooming in spring time

Preparing the garden to plant bulbs.

It is very important to remove weeds and dig the soil over well while incorporating some leaves a few twigs crumpled up, with organic waste matter as compost (best keep the garden Organic) etc, before planting bulbs, (which should generally be planted the depth of the bulb) while providing adequately for drainage, by adding stones, crocks, grit, sand etc at the bottom of the hole, with a stone free medium for within the bulb can grow, without restricting their growth.

There are many varieties of compost on the market place especially created for bulbs. In the garden they are not really necessary. If you simply shake the soil in your hands or use a sieve like appliance you can take out the stones and maybe mix a little of the compost medium within the existing soil, if there are a lot of stones. However if you are planting in pots, it would be advised to use more ready mixed compost mix, and lots of stones, crocks, grit etc at the bottom of the pot for drainage.

 Advice on Organic Vegetable plots

Organic: Vegetable Plots and Gardening Methods:

There can be nothing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables, planting the seeds, taking care of them when they are so small and delicate; they all become your little babies.

They also taste incredible. Take spring onions, you can grow them all over your garden, even in pots with your daffodils. A spring onion fresh from the ground will liven up any meal.

Preparing the soil to plant vegetables:

The first thing you must consider is preparation of the soil, they will be growing in. In late Autumn, early Winter you should dig the soil over; only when it is dry enough to crumble; to a depth of about 12 inches and remove weeds and stones. You should also add composted material and cover the soil with a mulch of dead leaves, grass clippings etc, which will warm the soil.

When to plant Vegetables:

January is the time to plant seeds inside for transplanting in the garden in spring time. You can also plant your main summer crop outside in the Spring. And many varieties can be planted outside in the summer for Autumn even Winter harvesting.

Generally speaking a crop takes 3 to 4 months from planting to harvesting. Try this link from the It is as a very good easy to use guide. Note it is in PDF format and will open in a new window downloaded into your browser.

 Slug pellets kill wildlife also less hedgehog food = fewer hedgehogs

Growing Organically:

It can be so demoralizing when you find your vegetables have been eaten by slugs, snails or insects. Although you may be tempted to use pesticides you must consider the bigger picture especially with slug pellets, which, can kill the wildlife that eats the dead slugs and snails, even cats, dogs and children if they eat the pellets.

Slugs and snails can easily be perturbed from your veg by using raised beds with copper tape, there are even electric fences powered by a 20 volt battery which deters them, leave them some food, or even grow a patch of their favorite vegetables away from your crop. Insects are easily got rid of simply by spraying with some water and washing up liquid. There are also smells which predators don't like and herbs grown amongst your crop will also deter.

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