Garden Clearance Services:

A densely overgrown garden is always a challenge and I am ideally equipped with a powerful trimmer, sharp powerful loppers for thick branches and a turbo charged professional strimmer for cutting through the undergrowth and long grass. I do of course work very delicately and don't charge at your garden, like I have witnessed a lot of gardeners do yielding a chain saw in hand. I have noticed that unless tree work, is involved, i can generally cut back most medium sized overgrown gardens with 2 visits of 6 to 8 hours. There is of course the removal of green waste which is too much for the councils green bins and I am not equipped to remove large amounts of green waste myself. However you can buy bags from the council to put the waste and of course there is the recycling of the waste in your garden.

Garden Clearance Waste Removal Options:

1: Recycling of your garden waste:

In the Amazon where slash and burn farming is destroying rain forest, a new type of farming. Inga alley cropping, has emerged, which recycles green waste to nourish the soil. It has given farmers a non destructive farming method which actually increases yields and saves rainforest. In your garden green waste such as leaves, twigs and broken branches etc are naturally being eaten by micro organisms in the soil. It is part of the cycle of life, and goes unnoticed under leaves and bushes. Without it the soil becomes very unfertile.

There are always places in a garden where green waste: or the soils food, can be unnoticeably placed. With a carbon footprint of zero. Larger branches also make unique decorative features and can with twigs be used to build up and nourish flower beds and prevent weeds, with a top mulch of bark.

It is always wise to have some bags of bark in your garden for future recycling of green waste or get 4 to 5 bags if I am will be paying a visit for clearing your beds.

There is also the good old fashioned compost heap or bin.

2: A Rubbish Removal Company:

If there is too much garden waste to recycle or compost, a man with a van is always a viable cheap alternative. A gardening business that clears the waste will generally add £200 to £250 on the price ofyour job for green waste removal. Whereas a rubbish removal business, who don't do gardening will charge £50 to a £100, for the same volume of waste. Charges are generally based on volume and how easily it can be placed on and off their van. To reduce their charges it is a good idea for me to chop the waste up into smaller sections, so the volume is reduced. A Google search for rubbish removal wil reveal many mans with vans.

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