Digging the soil over in your Garden:

Digging the soil over in Autumn, has long been regarded as a pre requisite for keeping your soil healthy. However as well as it being back breaking, unless the soil is very infertile, lumpy or you are preparing vegetable plots by digging in organic matter, it does actually cause damage to the soil and its inhabitants as well as spreading weeds.

1: Damage to worm borrows:

Although digging the soil over does aerate the soil, it is actually counter productive because it destroys the home of our beloved earth worm. Its a bit like a giant digger, demolishing your house. Earthworm and other insects burrows are essential for the transportation of water, air and nutrients within your soil. Digging over destroys these burrows. It also leaves earth bound creatures on the surface, where predators will chomp them up.

2: The spread of weeds in your Garden:

Digging over the soil also brings dormant weed seeds to the surface, where they can germinate and the long tap roots of perennial weeds get cut into smaller sections becoming root cuttings. This is also something to consider when weeding. Remove as much root as possible.

3: Death of micro organisms in your soil:

A fact that will mesmerize and blow your mind is: There are more life forms in one teaspoon of soil, than there are inhabitants on the planet. Without these micro organisms, life as we know it would cease. The soil would be unable to support plant life, which we and other animals eat and animals who rely on the meat of other animals, would also have nothing to eat. Digging over the soil brings the microscopic planet friendly bacteria to the surface exposing them to sunlight, which kills them.

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