The Green Green Grass of Home

The song "green green grass of home", conjures up that idyllic and picturesque image of an English country garden or the picketed fenced garden in a David Lynch film.

A Healthy Lawn:

To achieve a lush, thick, even coloured lawn however does require a lot of work, if it is overgrown. If it is not overgrown then you simply have to cut it on a regular basis during spring, summer and autumn. At least once a month and ideally every 2 weeks; weather dependent. It should also be raked to remove moss and dead thatch and tap rooted perennial weeds removed where necessary. I cannot stress more though, the importance of raking out moss and dead grass after cutting, known as scarifying which promotes thicker growth of the grass. As well as Lawn cutting, I also offer moss and weed removal, re-leveling and re-seeding services.

Overgrown Lawns:

When lawns are neglected and left to overgrow, the grass will grow irregularly, some areas becoming taller than others causing bald patches where the weakened grass resides in its shade, weeds and moss will quickly take over, these areas. After cutting; the lawn will be a patchwork of healthy, yellow and non existent grass. It will then require the remove weeds and moss, raking (scarifying) of the dead grass, re-leveling with top soil if necessary and re-seeding of bald patches.

If raking is a chore, I have a complete set of lawn scarifying rakes and an electric scarifying mower for larger or badly damaged areas.

A plants natural Life Cycle:

An overgrown lawn is what grass as a plant wants to do, grow and produce babies - seeds. We grow plants for their flowers and food. However with a lawn being continuously cut, we disrupt its life cycle. Although we do actually grow different types of grass for food, hay, wheat and barley. We also use it to thatch a roof.

Lawn Cutting & Maintenance - Overgrown Lawns - Moss, Thatch and Weed Removal:

Lawn Cutting and Maintenance:

I am available for cutting and maintaining small to medium sized lawns and my mowing equipment is ideally suited for properties which do not have rear access, and where taking a large petrol mower through your property would be problamatic. I also have an industrial strimmer which cuts through long grass like butter, for use on overgrown gardens. It actually has a circular saw blade, for brambles and bamboo. Overgrown lawns require strimming before mowing. I also can use my mulching mower which cuts the grass into fine particles, that feed the soil and reduces by about 90% ish, the amount of grass cuttings to dispose of.

Lawn Scarifying - Moss and Thatch Removal:

If you rake your lawn after cutting your you will be amazed at the amount of moss and what is known as lawn thatch; that has accumulated, in your rake.

The moss and thatch act like a weed, preventing the grass from growing. If you want to achieve a beautiful lawn, it has to be removed. You can't mow it out, its beneath the blades of your lawn mower, so it has to be raked out. Extensive areas of moss will require more work, and yes it is backbreaking.

If your lawn is in bad condition and the thought is daunting to you, I actually love lawn scarifying, its good exercise and satisfying to see how much I remove; with the knowledge that the lawn will grow back stronger and overtake the moss. I would consider myself an expert in the art of Scarifying and have specialist professional tools for the job.

To the left is the head of my scarifying rake, bit of a Freddy Krueger, is'nt it. And it does a lovely job, with its sharp tallons also scratching the soil where there is no grass, to also slightly aerate the soil and provide a bed for new grass seeds. And to my right my electric scarifier which can be used on larger areas of moss and thatch, when an overgrown lawn has revealed lots of bald yellow patches and or preparing a lawn for re-seeding.

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