Pruning and Cutting Back:

A garden where unwanted; but often unnoticed, growth at the base of the main central stem is neatly pruned does make a garden look pristine. There will also be lots more space for bulbs and bedding plants which add colour throughout the seasons, especially when your shrubs have finished flowering. It also promotes growth at the top and sides of stems, and a very good prune all around can also make space for those plants that have been choked by their neighboring relatives.

Take the beautiful Bonsai, to the left, when they display Bonsai in competitions in Japan, they are without foliage, so one can see the care taken with the pruning of the branches.

I use Bonsai as an example of pruning because we can all see how magnificent they are and it demonstrates two types of pruning, one is maintenance pruning which involves regular snipping of the side and lower branches which causes growth to concentrated on the top and outer parts of the plants stems.

The other type of pruning is known as structural pruning, which is minimized and involves cutting of large stems to change the shape of the tree.

Regular pruning of your garden to promote growth combined with structural pruning to procure space and shape is essential for your garden, one can liken an unpruned garden to being the weeds of its stems, unruly and obstructive.

One of the main reasons the base of stems are neglected, is the fact one has to get on your hands and knees, with your saw, loppers and snips and gently tease your way in, most gardeners and homeowners don't like doing that, but I love it, especially when I stand back and see the natural shape of the garden unfolding, I once found a shed in the bottom of a garden, no gnomes though.

A good pruning, weed removal and a gentle trimming of the upper stems, is my speciality. And I promise not to come in with a chain saw and hack your garden up.

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