Organic: Vegetables & Herbs Taste Magnificent:

There can be nothing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables and herbs, planting the seeds, taking care of them when they are so small and delicate; they all become your little babies.

They also taste incredible. Take spring onions, you can grow them all over your garden, even in pots with your daffodils. A spring onion fresh from the ground will liven up any meal.

Preparing the soil to plant vegetables:

The first thing you must consider is preparation of the soil, they will be growing in. In late Autumn, early Winter you should dig the soil over; only when it is dry enough to crumble; to a depth of about 12 inches and remove weeds and stones. You should also add composted material and cover the soil with a mulch of dead leaves, grass clippings etc, which will warm the soil.

When to plant Vegetables:

January is the time to plant seeds inside for transplanting in the garden in spring time. You can also plant your main summer crop outside in the Spring. And many varieties can be planted outside in the summer for Autumn even Winter harvesting.

Generally speaking a crop takes 3 to 4 months from planting to harvesting. Try this link from the It is as a very good easy to use guide. Note it is in PDF format and dependent on your browser, it will open in a new window or download to the bottom of the webpage.

Growing Organically:

It can be so demoralizing when you find your vegetables have been eaten by slugs, snails or insects. Although you may be tempted to use pesticides you must consider the bigger picture especially with slug pellets, which, can kill the wildlife that eats the dead slugs and snails, even cats, dogs and children if they eat the pellets.

Slugs and snails can easily be perturbed from your veg by using raised beds with copper tape, there are even electric fences powered by a 20 volt battery which deters them, leave them some food, or even grow a patch of their favorite vegetables away from your crop. Insects are easily got rid of simply by spraying with some water and washing up liquid. There are also smells which predators don't like and herbs grown amongst your crop will also deter.

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