Weeding: Those dreaded weeds:

Those dreaded weeds you take them out, they come back. Life will find a way. There are three types of weeds competing in your garden for water, food, sunlight and space; annual, perennial and biennial.

Annuals grow from the seeds of their parents and can simply be eradicated by removal before they seed, however you can't stop other seeds from wind, insects and animals falling onto the soil, also seeds can remain dormant in the soil for many years. Annual weeds tend to have roots that are not very deep and can easily be pulled out by hand, if the weed has seeded though, one must be careful and use a container of some description to place the weed and accompanying seeds within, before pulling it out, also too much digging can disturb dormant seeds which can then germinate, using a garden hoe to simply chop the weed off can be used if bending down is an issue.

Perennial and biennial weeds generally have very deep tap roots and need to be removed by digging the root out, or they will simply grow back if they are chopped off at the top.

Beware many gardeners on a price or maintenance contracts, simply chop the top of the weed off with a hoe, it is within their interests for the weed to grow back. Perennial weeds also seed like the dreaded, but I think beautiful dandelion. Which can spoil your lawn if you don't dig them out before they seed.

Supressing Weeds :-

The simplest way to suppress weeds is to mulch your beds, with leaves, grass cuttings and twigs (which will also provide free food for your soil) and a top dressing of bark which will help the ground retain moisture and also looks attractive. You will notice that where leaves drop, there will be significantly less weeds, than areas where the beds are just soil or your lawn, which is a very happy home for Dandelions.

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